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Alumnae Jalila Washington shows her gratitude and her example of achievement

Carver made all the differencefor me.The Carver community is a close one. As students, alumni, parents, volunteers, donors, and staff, we all share a connection with one another through our association with this wondrous place and cause.

And as much of a lasting impression as Carver has on each of our lives, each one of us creates and leaves an equally indelible mark on the Carver community and beyond.

There are many stories of such love and commitment since Carver’s founding in 1938. And one of those is being made right now by alumnae Jalila Washington!

Jalila (Ja-lee-la) was a Carver youth after school and during the summers. She attended Wolfpit Elementary School, West Rocks Middle School and graduated from Norwalk High School.

“One of the most significant events in my life was going on the annual Carver spring college tours,” Jalila shared, “and working as a Carver summer camp counselor.”

“Carver made all the difference for me,” Jalila said.

Jalila went on to earn a BS from The College of New Rochelle, an MS (with distinction) from Mercy College, and many certifications that further strengthened her career in teaching, especially in early childhood education and teaching English as a second language.tlctreeno-words_cus

Jalila lives in Norwalk and teaches in a Bronx, NY public school. She is a general education teacher, an ESL teacher, and an assistant testing coordinator. Jalila also just passed her real estate exams and will be receiving her real estate license next month. Jalila personifies Carver’s tagline: Building Lifetime Achievers!

We all look back with deep appreciation to our brilliant teachers, but with particular gratitude to those who shaped us as people and helped inspire our careers and lives. The curriculum is necessary, but a fundamental belief in the value of each child is the vital element each young person needs to thrive. Such is the gift of teaching Jalila brings to her students every day and how she remembers the constant support she received as a Carver kid through her years of growing up here.

Today, Jalila shows her gratitude in part by pledging a monthly gift to Carver. Her generous remembrances of and ongoing commitment to the Carver community is something we celebrate and something that makes the Carver community enduringly unique and a blessing to all the young people who call themselves “Carver kids” today.