Who’s your hero? Carver students seeking Norwalk’s entrepreneurial heroes!

PhotoFunia-1440693338Going to School (and here), founded in India by Lisa Heydlauff, an award winning and globally recognized non-profit education organization, will be launching their first initiative in the USA, Children’s Scrappy News, in Norwalk with Carver students in September 2015!

A team of Carver students are soon gathering to research, identify and then meet with Norwalk’s outstanding young entrepreneurs.

Contact Jim Schaffer at 203-912-2802 or jim@carvercenterct.org, if you would like to be considered to be a subject of this student project and/or if you know of any young entrepreneurs who might like to be profiled as a Hero to Norwalk’s young people!

The students will map their skills, enterprises, values, and the top tips they’d have for young people starting businesses like theirs. The students will ask what they learned on the job, their most important skills and what they wished they’d learned in school. The will ask their heroes what issues and challenges they still want to help solve in our community.

And then the students will broadcast their news stories!

The initial Carver students launching the Scrappy News project will commit two hours a day for five days. Go here to learn more about the details of the first Scrappy News workshop and about how this initiative will benefit other Carver kids and the community!